Uber-like app at your service

Remember flicking through the Yellow Pages to find a plumber, electrician, locksmith or handyman? Or phoning a friend for a recommendation. Or, more lately, trawling the internet?

The requirement for quick and reliable home repair services is often met with frustrating searches, lengthy waiting times, poor workmanship and, to add insult to injury, a nasty shock when a hefty bill is presented. 

Tackling the home services industry is Kronoz, a smartphone app that addresses homeowners’ needs for on-demand home services. Much like Uber, the Kronoz (On Demand Professionals) app is one that allows users to seamlessly connect with vetted service providers like plumbers, electricians and locksmiths using location-based tracking and supplier availability in real time.

“Our main objectives are simple. We are trying to provide safety, security and reliability around the notoriously unreliable home repair service industry,” says Yasemin Eron, Chief Innovation Officer at Kronoz, and developer of the app.

While other home services apps do exist, they often only operate as service directory apps or charge suppliers per lead. Kronoz on the other hand offers a truly on-demand, immediate service. 

“The app works similarly to Uber. When you request a provider, you are doing so immediately and suppliers are available to do your job immediately. In the unlikely event suppliers aren’t available, we are immediately notified and endeavour to get one online within 10 minutes,” Yasemin explains.

The app is not only setting new benchmarks for service delivery, but also for pricing. To prevent irregular pricing, the company has regulated pricing by setting per-hour rates. Neither cheap nor pricey “it’s somewhere in the middle”, says Yasemin, citing around 30-35 an hour – depending on the city – for a house cleaner, with payments made via the app linked to a credit card.

A 48-hour guarantee of workmanship is afforded directly through the app apart from the longer-term workmanship insurance provided by the bulk of the app’s suppliers. All suppliers are subjected to strict vetting criteria including criminal background checks. Standards are maintained through user ratings. If supplier ratings fall below a specified percentage they are removed from the system.

Launching in the city of Calgary in November, Kronoz plans to start with a boasting 500 - 1,000 of the cities top-rated service providers.

Aspirations for Kronoz are not only local. “We want to be known as having a big global presence, with local roots, and are looking to add value and convenience to people’s lives both locally and globally through technology,” explains Yasemin. 

“The goal is to launch in New York City by year-end or latest the beginning of next year,” she says. The UK, Europe and other parts of Canada are also on the cards.

The strength of the app will lie in its suppliers providing quick, safe and reliable home and business services. It’s a technology medium that anyone with a computer or smartphone and credit card would be able to make use of.

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